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NENA’s online and offline digital library concept awarded at the Transformer Summit in Cambridge (UK) on 10 December 2018

NENA has been selected as one of the 32 recipients of the Technology & Innovation Transform Fund, out of more than 5,000 projects worldwide for the solution “African Digital Libraries to improve access and quality of education”.

The Technology & Innovation Transform Fund is a fund designed to support innovators, researchers and entrepreneurs whose work and projects contribute to the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. See the interview with Lamine SARR, NENA’s Director of Publishing

The African Online and Offline Digital Libraries solution has been awarded for its major contribution to the achievement of the SDG 4 “Quality Education”.

It is a complete and operational solution that can be extended and scaled up across Africa: African digital content libraries are of two types.

1) Offline digital libraries on eReader

An eReader is a mobile device dedicated to reading digital books. NENA offers two eReaders, one for primary

school level, the other for secondary level. It is now possible for schools to install a digital library, which is adapted to the curriculum, faster and at a lower cost than traditional libraries.

2) Online digital libraries

NENA has set up digital libraries available online on its platform. These are 9 digital libraries in law, social

sciences, management, literature, art and culture, youth, accessible on the Internet by subscription.

More than 3,000 titles, in French and English, from more than 95 African publishers will be available before the end of 2020. A mobile application under development will allow members of subscribing institutions to access online and off-campus.