NENA a pioneer in digital publishing in Africa

Created in 2008, Nouvelles Editions Numériques Africaines (NENA SARL) is a pan-African digital publishing house located in Senegal. It was founded by a Senegalese of Quebec origin, rejoined by three other Senegalese associates.
Long before the arrival of tablets and smartphones, NENA launched African digital publishing by publishing African law CD-ROMs. With the arrival of smart mobile devices, NENA became a generalist publisher in 2012, publishing the works of African, Afro-Caribbean and friends of Africa authors in all fields, thus marking the autonomous presence of Africa and its diasporas in the digital publishing sector.
By virtue of its digital publishing and especially digital co-publishing contracts with more than fifty African publishers, NENA had published by early 2020 some 1,700 eBooks, in literature, youth, social sciences, law, arts and culture, and the number is still growing. Its offer has diversified with some 150 audiobooks of African tales.
In 2014, NENA inaugurates its African Digital Bookshop (ADB) site dedicated to African books. In 2017, the thematic digital libraries, both online and offline, are launched for educational institutions. Available by subscription, the digital libraries that can be consulted on the Internet from the ADB website offer a wider and more accessible mode of access than individual purchase.
In 2018, NENA is one of the 32 companies out of more than 5,000 in the world selected by the Islamic Development Bank in the competition of its Technology & Innovation Transform Fund. Its achievements are also recognized in 2019 by the African Union, who invited NENA to participate in the Innovating Education In Africa Forum in Botswana.
NENA is a team of about fifteen professionals, documentalists, editors, computer scientists, managers, mastering the up-to-date technologies of digital publishing. They collaborate within the company in a participatory management framework.