A social enterprise at the service of its cultural, educational and economic mission

NENA defines itself as a social enterprise, within the social and solidarity economy. As such, its raison d’être is the realization of its social mission. Its economic viability and profits are a means to this mission. Therefore, NENA seeks optimal profitability that allows it to pursue its societal objectives autonomously and continuously.

NENA states its mission as follows: to collect, preserve, disseminate and make universally accessible, through the use of ICTs and with environmental awareness, Africa’s cultural, scientific and literary heritage, primarily that conveyed by books and other documents written by Africans themselves.

In doing so, NENA intends to have a multifaceted impact:

– cultural impact by promoting the reading of African works and safeguarding the African publishing heritage for future generations;

– educational impact by improving access to books and documents with African contents to accompany training courses;

– economic impact by enhancing the value of African publishers’ editorial holdings through digital technology, thus providing them and their authors with new sources of income.