NENA is active in the digital document chain.

NENA is present throughout the digital document value chain because of its many complementary businesses.
Digital publisher. NENA has digital publishing agreements with many African authors, and digital co-publishing agreements with African publishers. From the printed copy of their works or a file in any format, NENA’s specialized team produces digital books in digital publishing formats (accessible in ePub 2 and 3, interactive PDF, HTML5, MP3), structuring the texts and inserting hyperlinks to optimize the user-friendliness and interactivity of digital publications.
Digital Bookseller. NENA’s ambition is to make its African Digital Bookstore (ADB) site the essential e-commerce site for access to African ebooks. The ADB gathers all its own and copublisher’s catalogues, as well as the digital publications from other African publishers resold on the site. In total, more than 3,000 titles are planned for 2020, in both French and English, and some in African national languages.
Digital broadcaster. In addition to the ADB, NENA’s digital books are available on about 110 book resale sites on the Internet, on which NENA acts as a diffuser.
Digital Librarian. In addition to the individual sale of digital books, NENA promotes another access model, that of “rental”. All its published or resold books are grouped in thematic digital libraries available by subscription for online reading, for educational institutions, professionnals, administrations and businesses. Other digital libraries on eBook readers are aimed at primary and secondary schools.
Digital Archivist. In addition to commercially published books and periodicals, Africa’s cultural heritage also includes many valuable documents (theses, dissertations, conference proceedings, research reports, etc.). In order to make these documents accessible in an “open archive” framework, NENA has set up its African Digital Heritage site, where the digitization of archival holdings has begun.