African eBooks to read on computer and mobile phones

By mid 2020, NENA has published and is relleing around 3,000 eBooks in all the fields covered by our African authors, half in English and hlaf in French. Most of them are in ePub and HTML format, for local or online reading, and on any medium (computer, tablet, smartphone, eBook reader). More complex works are in interactive PDF format. All of them offer a rich hypertext navigation feature.


African tales and stories to listen to

What could be more relevant in a continent characterized by the tradition of oral communication than to have access to digital books, not only to read, but also to listen to? NENA offers its collection of African fables and tales in audiobooks, to be downloaded on an MP3 player, or listened to online.


The site where to find African authors

All eBooks and audiobooks published by NENA are available on its African Digital Bookstore site, along with those published by other French and English-speaking African publishers. More than 3,000 titles are planned for 2020. The interface, which is responsive to mobile devices, is deliberately sober and free of any commercial aggression, and offers advanced search functions (by thematic classification, index, full-text search, filtering, similar documents), allowing quick retrieval of records. Several means of payment are offered, including offline purchase, before downloading or reading online.


Subscribe to read everything in the year

Our digital libraries are the simplest and most economical way for students, scholars, researchers, professionals and managers to access our eBook catalogue. Accessible from the ADB, they bring together our digital publications by domain: literature, social sciences, art and culture, youth, law, etc. They can be consulted online from our bookshop site on a subscription basis. Some digital libraries for primary and secondary schools are available on the eBook readers.


African Documentary Heritage in Open Access

Commercially published books do not constitute the totality of Africa’s written heritage. For theses, dissertations, conferences, research reports, and any other type of document of the “grey literature” or “archive” type, NENA offers its service of creation, hosting and dissemination of African archive collections. In 2020, a first fund, that of the influential Egyptian economist Samir Amin, has been open for free consultation.


Places of culture and knowledge for the people of Africa

The ultimate goal remains the accessibility and reading of African works. Digital is not everything and there is still room for traditional libraries. So NENA offers its service of setting up physical libraries with its computerized catalogue. In 2018, NENA inaugurated the People’s Development Library in Dakar with its partners. Some 5,000 documents have been catalogued there, and the layout was designed and built. A multimedia room was set up with eBook readers and online access to NENA’s digital libraries.